Simon Breed of SB Communications writes about Prism Consult

What SB Communications said

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Prism Consult for all your help and support, both professional and personal, with the successful sale of the business. It is a somewhat daunting process to go through, but we feel that we could not have received better advice and guidance, particularly at times when our subjective emotion required your more objective reason!

An orchestra of accountants, solicitors and other interested parties required constant direction
(far too much for us when we were trying to continue running a business) and you called the
tune to perfection.

From the production of a comprehensive sales document, incorporating a refinement of figures and statistics that surprised even us, to the organisation and smooth running of many meetings with prospective buyers, you provided us with a level of knowledge and expertise we might have associated with a larger broker. The care and attention to detail (you showed) made us feel,
quite frankly, special.

Selling a business is not something we plan doing more than once. It was therefore vital to get the process right first time. We feel that, with your support, we did exactly that, and could not be happier with the outcome. Over the months, you built up an incredible knowledge of our business. Almost as important for us was the time you took to learn about us as people, and the personal requirements we had from the sale.”
Simon Breed, SB Communications

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